Compass provides educational opportunities and services designed to empower and engage our youth. Our central focus hinges upon the creation and successful delivery of quality socioeconomic and community-based programs. With the goal of assisting our at-risk population, we also aim to combat the school-to-prison pipeline and promote personal/professional development for all.


Adventure Based Learning

One-on-One Mentoring

Project-Based Learning

STEM Literacy

FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Lego League Junior

FIRST Tech Challenge

Cognitive Intervention

Healthy Living



Today, we promote STEM literacy, a comprehensive approach to before, weekend and afterschool programs as well as a host of other creative development opportunities for all of our young people.  Having a positive impact on student achievement is the cornerstone of our organization." 

Provide sustainable pathways out of poverty which leads to improved self-awareness, stronger workforce/economic development, healthier living and improved relations between communities, businesses, local leaders and government agencies.

  vision statement


Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2214 or 888-830-4989 for NC Residents

" Seven years ago--multiple like minded educators, talent advisors, clergy, law enforcement personnel, community leaders and other advocates for youth empowerment formed an ideology that Every Child Deserves a Champion.

​​​​​​July 2009 – Compass Youth Center registers as a 501(c) (3) and forms its Articles of Incorporation and founding Board of Directors.

May 2012 – Mariam Boyd Elementary becomes the official research and development phase of the after-school and EOG Testing project conducted to establish student achievement benchmarks.

April/May 2014 – Voluntary Supplemental EOG Day Sessions performed at South Warren Elementary School to compare demographics and statistics.

November 2015  - FIRST Robotics Grant awarded for the sponsorship of the inaugural high-school Robotics team Armored Eagles.

January 2016 - FIRST Lego League Junior Grant Awarded.

June 2016 - Mini-Camp for FIRST Lego League Junior held at Summer Program for WCTS - North Warren Alumni Association. Warren County Memorial Library serves as host site for FIRST Lego League Summer kick-off.

July 2016 - Warren County Commissioners/Manager approve grant funds for FY 2016/17.

October 2016 - Compass Youth Center represents FIRST North Carolina at community outreach event with Fidelity Investments in Research Triangle Park, NC.

November 2016 - Compass Youth Center receives grant funding from Duke Energy, Argosy Foundation and FIRST North Carolina; expanding into FLL Jr., FTC and FRC for the 2017 season.


​               ​​Community Outreach and Mentoring Programs Assisting the Socially Suppressed 


  Lorenzo M. Wilkins Sr.