FIRST Robotics Competition

FRC 6215 - The Armored Eagles

FRC 6426 - Robo Gladiators

High school-aged teams compete head to head on a special playing field with robots they have designed, built, and programmed.​

​​​Grades 9 -12; Ages 14 - 18

FIRST Lego League Jr.

Team 9960 - The Power Rangers plus 7 others

Captures young curiosity by exploring real-world scientific challenges, learning teamwork, and working with motorized LEGO® elements

Grades K - 4; Ages 6 - 10

Academics Adventure - Based Learning - One-on-One Mentoring - Project-Based Learning - STEM Literacy Cognitive - Intervention Healthy Living

Vision Statement

FIRST Tech Challenge

FTC 12251 - The Jr. Armored Eagles & FTC 14086 Tech Botz

Teams of middle and high school-aged students are challenged to design, build, and program a robot to play a floor game against other teams’ creations

Grades 7-12; Ages 12 - 18

CYC Tutoring Services

Make Up, Catch Up, Keep Up

Elementary and middle school-aged students receive tutoring services offered by Compass volunteers on all academic subjects.

Grades K - 8; Ages 5-14

Other Programs Offered



Compass provides educational opportunities and services designed to empower and engage our youth. Our central focus hinges upon the creation and successful delivery of quality socioeconomic and community-based programs. With the goal of assisting our at-risk population, we also aim to combat the school-to-prison pipeline and promote personal/professional development for all.

Provide sustainable pathways out of poverty which leads to improved self-awareness, stronger workforce/economic development, healthier living and improved relations between communities, businesses, local leaders and government agencies.